Do you want to connect with others to improve Saskatchewan’s health care system? There are networks focused on quality improvement, measurement, and appropriateness of care that will help you link with and learn from your colleagues around the province. See below for more information about these groups.

Measurement Network

Measurement is integral to quality improvement. As a learning organization, we regularly partner with people inside and outside of the health care system to exchange measurement techniques, methodologies, and learnings.

For more information about the Measurement Network, please contact:

Appropriateness of Care Network

Saskatchewan’s Appropriateness of Care Network integrates and coordinates appropriateness work around the province, facilitates sharing and learning, and serves as a platform for clinical quality improvement methodology. It includes representatives from the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, eHealth Saskatchewan, HQC, Ministry of Health, Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (SCPOR), Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA), and patient and family advisors.

For more information about the Appropriateness of Care Network, please contact: