Lean Improvement Leader’s Training

Front-line leaders have a critical role to play coaching their staff to make health care better and safer for patients. The Lean Improvement Leaders Training program is for managers, supervisors and other improvement champions who want to develop the knowledge and skills to lead their staff in applying continuous improvement methods to their work. It is an applied program that provides participants with the opportunity to put concepts and theory into action in their own local work areas. LILT has been offered across the province since 2014.

A 2016 independent evaluation of LILT found participants liked the applied nature of the program and the flipped classroom model. Respondents also identified support from supervisors and opportunities to network with other participants as keys to success in the program.

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What Health Care Leaders Are Saying about LILT

I am in a SILO of one – It is nice to see and interact with people and get an idea of what they are doing and how they are applying things.

LILT Participant

Keep the focus on the learn-do model. The priority is the growth and development of the individuals, not just passing and failing: what I am learning, how is it shaping me, and how can I be intentional about passing it on to others?

LILT Coach

The program was generally reported to be well organized, and well facilitated. The applied nature of the program and the usefulness of the assignments was lauded by most participants and leaders.

Dr. Lois Berry, RN , Ph.D

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