New Appropriateness of Care webpage provides the right information at the right time

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New Appropriateness of Care webpage provides the right information at the right time

“Appropriate care is the right care, provided by the right providers, to the right patient, in the right place, at the right time, resulting in optimal care." – Canadian Medical Association

A new webpage, hosted on the Health Quality Council (HQC) website, now provides a gateway into Appropriateness of Care activity in our province.

Established in 2015, Saskatchewan’s Appropriateness of Care Program leads provincial initiatives and supports regional efforts to improve appropriateness in our health system – and this benefits both patients and providers. The Program team collaborates with physicians on specific projects, including peripheral artery disease, breast cancer, imaging of low back, and pre-operative testing.

“This new webpage provides all the information on appropriateness activity in one easy-to-navigate location,” says HQC researcher Jessica Hamilton. “There is a lot going on in Saskatchewan, but it was previously hard to gauge the scope without a central repository.”

Dr. Gary Groot, the Program’s clinical co-lead adds: “Beyond highlighting provincial work, the goals of the webpage are to serve as a starting point for the health system and the public to understand the various appropriateness-related projects taking place, to provide more contact information, and to make resources available for clinicians interested in engaging in their own appropriateness work.”  

Click here for the new webpage.


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