Our annual reports

HQC's 2019-2020 Annual Report

The Health Quality Council’s annual reports showcase our work to accelerate improvement in Saskatchewan’s health care system.

HQC’s most recent annual report for 2019-20 highlights the work we do in alignment to provincial priorities:

  • Resourcing and advancing continuous improvement efforts across the health system
  • Informing provincial reporting mechanisms, through the provincial Improvement Reporting Working Group
  • Consulting on the development of the Advanced Quality Improvement Program for senior leaders and improvement specialists
  • Improving team-based care in hospitals and the community to ensure seamless patient care
  • Strengthening appropriateness of care by supporting quality improvement training for doctors and other clinicians
  • Collaborating to influence the refinement of high-level indicators, current baseline measures, and cascading measures, to assess health system performance

The 2019-2020 report also provides updates on our work alongside our system partners on projects related to health system measurement, reporting, government structures for data use, quality improvement training and development opportunities, and more.

Read our latest annual report:

HQC Annual Report 2019-20