Our annual reports

HQC Annual ReportThe Health Quality Council’s annual reports showcase our work to accelerate improvement in Saskatchewan’s health care system.

HQC’s most recent annual report, for 2016-17, highlights the work we do in support of our four strategic priorities:

  1. Integrate patients and families as partners in all aspects of health care
  2. Build learning systems to spread knowledge on improving health care quality and safety
  3. Measure health care outcomes and processes to generate evidence for decision-making; and
  4. Drive improvements in health care quality and safety by spreading best practices, ideas, and innovations

The 2016-17 report also provides updates on provincial initiatives, such as Safety Alert/Stop the Line, Emergency Department Waits and Patient Flow, and the Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (SCPOR).

Read our latest annual report:

HQC Annual Report 2016-17