We're helping to improve health care in Saskatchewan.

We’re working with our partners to build a rapid-learning, patient-first health care system.


We’re working to shorten waits in Emergency by improving how patients move through hospitals and other parts of the health system.

HQC is working with its partners to develop a new approach to measuring and reporting on health system performance.

We want to create a health care system that is grounded in mutually beneficial partnerships among providers, patients, and families.

HQC offers learning programs for people working at all levels in the health care system.

Through Choosing Wisely Saskatchewan, we are helping clinicians and patients talk about unnecessary tests and treatments, and make smart choices to ensure high-quality health care.

We partner with individuals and organizations to conduct patient-oriented research, and to study drug utilization, safety, and effectiveness.

Upcoming Quality Improvement Events

Calendar May 22, 2019
Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Training - Saskatoon

Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Training - Saskatoon

SCPOR offers SPOR module training for everyone intending to engage in patient-oriented research. Module 1 is Foundations in Patient-Oriented...

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Calendar May 27, 2019
Registration is now open for 2019 Choosing Wisely National Meeting

Registration is now open for 2019 Choosing Wisely National Meeting

Join Choosing Wisely Canada on May 27, 2019 in Montreal, Quebec for the 2019 Choosing Wisely Canada National Meeting, in...

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